WHAT a wonderful breath of fresh air the boss man of Iceland is. I listened to Malcolm Walker on the telly and he is the only person who says it like it is. I have very seldom shopped at Iceland, but his candour, humour and down-to-earth honesty has converted me to his cause. I will pop into the local branch tomorrow.

We go into a total fit of paranoia about horsemeat in our beef burgers – wrong on all counts when they are labelled as “100 per cent beef” but nothing wrong if we only know what we are getting. Horse, as I understand it, is a tasty, cheap and healthy substitute for beef. Why don’t we get a large dose of realism, accept that horse is the future, and accept it as a valuable addition to our diet?

The crooks who sold it to us as beef must be pursued and punished for fraud, but let the rest of us follow the lead of that wonderful chap in charge of Iceland, and stop pontificating about health risks, and all the other nonsense sprouted about horse. Let us welcome an addition to our food choice – one which the rest of Europe has been enjoying for years.

Gideon Visser, Stonegrave, York.


•THE woes of the western world can be resolved.

The key: Boris Johnson. Mayor of London, born in New York, wins the American presidency in 2016. In his White House leisure time he then sorts out the UK – to wit, the horsemeat and King Richard III issues – Europe and the rest of us.

Our woes become history.

Best regards; and thanks for recent indulgence.

Ron Willis, Mount Lawley, Perth, Western Australia.