I UNDERSTAND the concerns raised by John White, the fisherman interviewed in the excellent article on protecting Yorkshire’s marine life (The Press, February 18). But the evidence shows that far from destroying the marine environment, wind farms may help to protect it.

A study produced in Holland in 2011 looked at the impact of the first large-scale offshore wind farm built off the Dutch North Sea coast. They found that, after the disruption of construction, marine life benefited. The research found that new species were attracted to the undersea foundations and surrounding rocks; that the turbines help to protect schools of cod; and that porpoises are heard more often inside than outside the wind farm.

The survey concluded that sea bird species such as gannets tend to avoid the turbines, while seagulls appear unflustered and local cormorant numbers even increase.

The burning of fossil fuels is contributing directly to the increasing acidity of the sea. This affects fish and the ability of molluscs to form shells, which threatens the whole food chain. We should welcome the contribution off-shore wind farms can make.

Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York.