IT WAS great to read the coverage you’ve given to polio eradication and the Bill Gates Foundation (The Press, February 11).

In the BBC Dimbleby Lecture, Mr Gates specifically acknowledged Rotary Internationals’ support and involvement.

Over the past 15 years, the three York Rotary Clubs have raised enough money to immunise more than half a million children.

Children in developing countries get their little finger painted in purple to show they have been treated.

In the next few weeks, 25,000 purple crocuses will be flowering in the shape of TFL at 22 schools around York.They were planted by youngsters in 2010 as part of the Rotary Thanks For Life campaign to raise awareness of the crippling disease.

The scourge has been defeated by partnerships throughout the world and York citizens have contributed through their Rotary Clubs.

Frank Paterson, Rotary Club of York.