DEE BOYLE (Letters, January 31) might be interested to know that the Forest of Galtres used to cover a large area from Crayke in the north right down to Bootham Bar in York.

Rawcliffe, where this year’s festival may take place, was deep within the ancient forest. Nearby Huntington, as the name suggests, was a settlement for boar hunting in the forest.

The old York name “Eboracum” means “refuge from wild boar” – the city walls weren’t just for keeping people out.

You used to have to pay a toll to enter the forest, for which you got a guide designed to help keep you safe from robbers and wild beasts.

At Galtres Festival, we get our own back with a hog roast.

We also put money towards tree planting, as a gesture towards the great forest which gives our event its name. From oak pillars in the Guildhall to windows in York Minster, the legacy of Galtres Forest is deeply embedded in our city.

The annual festival celebrates the modern-day vibrancy and talent of York and its citizens.

James Houston, Galtres Festival director.