WHAT can one say about our accommodating council when the snow falls?

For three winters I have requested the return of the grit box originally in Raven Grove and have been refused each time.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed a box in Beckfield Place, yards away from Raven Grove. To reach Raven Grove, you go down Beckfield Place, down the hill and turning right at the same time.

Now here is the problem. If you are driving, how do you get up this road when it is icy? This is where the box should be.

Residents of Raven Grove have to leave their cars at the top of Beckfield Place and walk to a bin.

Would you put a salt box a distance away at the top of a hill when your car is at the bottom? The council do, with no regard for those who have to walk at any age.

BM Horsley Raven Grove, Acomb, York.