IN reply to Tom Scaife (Letters, January 17), yes, we are in this together at this critical time and Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne have made tough decisions that Britain needs today.

They have cut by a quarter the deficit that is dragging Britain down; capped welfare so no one can take home more in benefits than the average working family earns; reformed welfare so there’s no more something for nothing.

They have kept interest rates at record lows; helped create one million jobs in the private sector; taken two million people out of income tax; brought back higher standards and discipline to our schools; opened thousands of new academies and ring-fenced spending on the NHS to protect the services people rely on the most.

Terry Smith, Fourth Avenue, York.


• I LIKE the way Dennis Barton tells us the plain facts as opposed to the regular Tory propaganda he complains about.

I can spot this down at the local, when someone will trot out a few noble phrases which you can tell have come from some Tory newspaper.

I always tell them to come back when they have read a decent newspaper.

I wonder if 2013 will see a Tory writer actually mention the word banker, as that is where the latest problems started.

Allan Denney, Catesby House, Holgate Road, York.