MR G PAPPS suggests that for carers there is no consideration or safeguards in mental health (Letters, January 15).

My husband has been in Peppermill Court for three years and this is certainly not my perception of the mental health system.

Everyone from the receptionist to the domestic staff is always there to help, and the unit manager, nurses and care workers have always given me support.

I know which day the consultant does ward rounds and should I wish to see him an appointment is made.

Whatever I ask of senior nurses, I am always told truthfully and records are available for me to see. I am consulted on everything.

The staff members are the same as when my husband was admitted, with only minimal changes, which to me suggests how dedicated they are to their profession and their service users.

A carer or nearest relative must take some responsibility and ask questions; a consultant will be very happy to answer any queries.

Any consultant I have seen has always been happy to answer questions and I have seen quite a few over the years.

Mrs JM Raven, Melcombe Avenue, Strensall, York.