Coun Paul Doughty (Letters, January 17) fails to state, in his letter on public health funding, the reason why I have not made a more favourable comment on the funding received by City of York Council.

The council was originally predicted to receive £26 per head of population during 2013/14 and so the £33 to be received is an increase, as is the £36 that will be received in 2014/15.

However, what he fails to mention is that the Department of Health believes that to meet our “public health needs” we should be receiving £42 per head of population.

So, York is being short-funded for public health, just as the Clinical Commissioning Group is to fund GPs and the hospital, and together this will have an effect on what services can be provided for York residents health care in future years.

Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing, Deputy leader, City of York Council.