As a resident in York my wish for this year from the council, once they have settled into their new offices, is a simple one: improve the services we receive.

With this I mean clean streets both in and out of the city centre, and with this I mean dog mess-free, litter-free, bubble gum-free, vomit-free, clean and respectable streets and footpaths.

I mean potholes filled and roads repaired and resurfaced where necessary, but I fear with the adverse weather this will fall on deaf ears as no funds will be available.

I do fully understand that the council has a difficult time ahead and things will not get any easier for them.

But I feel the time has come for these people to what they were voted in for and not be afraid of making unpopular decisions and give the city what it needs.

I feel doing things behind closed doors is wrong and very unprofessional and even, dare I say it, underhand and possibly illegal.

Please prove me wrong and let’s see an improvement in our services.

Gary Mitchell, The Groves, York.