SO PAUL Hepworth shows his true colours again.

In his letter of January 15, he states that in certain situations he will move away from the kerb in order to “deter a dangerous overtake” thus blocking the thoroughfare. This shows he has no grasp of road safety and that he really does believe cyclists own the road and rides accordingly, with apparent carte blanche from the authorities.

I believe this man is not just pro-bike but is anti-car. What amazes me most is that some people actually listen.

D McTernan, Fossway, York.


•AS A driver and a cyclist I have watched with interest, and often frustration, the to-and-fro argument on this page between the pro-car and pro-cycle lobby.

But I was appalled to read Paul Hepworth’s outrageous comment (Letters, January 15) that if he sees a motor vehicle trying to “beat” him to a narrow gap he moves into a “more central position” in the road.

As a professional driver of 36 years, I am daily made aware of the lack of consideration, law-breaking and, sometimes, courtesy shown by both factions of road user. We all belong on the road and have to go about our business as courteously and safely as we can.

Mr Hepworth – who told me he has never held a driving licence – has developed over the years a conviction that all motor vehicle drivers are the devil incarnate. Being a road user is not a contest in which there are winners and losers, unless you are unfortunate to come across someone like him who thinks it is.

So, Mr Hepworth, if you continue to behave in such a dangerous manner, do not complain in these pages if a juggernaut, faced with the sudden swerve of a cyclist into the middle of the road, puts you in hospital.

Kevin Benson, Lavender Grove, Boroughbridge Road, York.