IN The Press of December 31, it was reported that a car had to be pulled out of the water at Naburn and the fire and rescue service had said people should take notice of the signs.

Naburn has been flooded in September, November and December and the road from Stillingfleet to Naburn has never had a notice on it to warn the road was closed. So how do people take notice when there is no sign to take notice of?

The Arriva No 42 bus, which comes from Selby through Wistow, Cawood, Kelfield, Stillingfleet to Naburn, Fulford to York, is the only bus service on our road and has not been able to go through Naburn since December 22.

I do not know how people are getting to work or to do their shopping.

Miss D Brown, Sherburn Road, Cawood.


• I THOROUGHLY agree with David Quarrie stating that we should stop giving our money away to other countries (Letters, December 31).

And while we are doing so we should apply to the European Union for a grant for new drains. Other members of the EU have had grants for new roads – perhaps a few new roads would not go amiss too.

Anne Church, Severus Avenue, Acomb, York.


• I WRITE with regard to the recent fluctuation in water level of the River Foss as a result of the barrier and pumps being opened and closed.

In the future, would the Environment Agency be so kind as to inform residents such as myself, whose home is affected by such fluctuations, exactly when they are going to make these changes?

A Pike, Fossgate, York.