I have received some literature from Anna Semlyen attempting to justify her “20’s Plenty for Us” Campaign.

Many of her comments are contradictory. She says “pedestrians need to be able to identify a gap in the traffic to be able to cross”, and then says “at 20mph the gaps between vehicles shortens, leading to improved traffic flow”.

In my experience of almost 20 years of walking to work between Acomb and the city centre, it is easier to cross the roads in the 30mph areas.

I am sure the people of Portsmouth are proud to know that their 20mph zones only cost them £333 per street, but was that at the expense of the closure of facilities for the elderly and disabled?

Ms Semlyen admits that Britain is ageing, with a rising proportion of disabled – so why not spend money on them instead? She says that the elderly and disabled become isolated because of the 30mph speed limits.

Yet York has the Dial & Ride scheme to help them get out. Motability is also there to help the disabled to be more mobile.

I could go on.

C Page, Gale Lane, Acomb, York.