RKM Bridge does not understand my letter regarding the poor. Supporting a campaign to stamp out poverty is like supporting King Canute’s edict to stop the waves.

There will always be a social strata and there will always be people at the bottom of it. A society where all people are equal and remain so is an unobtainable utopia. It is not going to change no matter how eloquently Dr John Sentamu speaks about it.

My parents couldn’t give me a private education but they taught me the world did not owe me a living and waiting for hand-outs was useless.

If I wanted something I needed to get off my backside and go achieve it. Consequently, my enterprise has provided a living not only for myself but those I employ.

I am not ashamed of success; everything I have was obtained the hard way. Nevertheless, I appreciate my position and help worthy causes as much as I can.

So I do not need lectures about inequality.

Matthew Laverack, Lord Mayor’s Walk York.