DAVID WARDELL is right (Letters, December 5). Why doesn’t the Government listen and act accordingly. We don’t have to be in the EU to be able to trade with them, so we should either walk away or cancel the contract.

With the money recouped from the union dues and all the “aid” we seem to be able to afford for other countries, our own people could be well looked after and there wouldn’t have to be all these cuts.

After all, you don’t give your last £5 to some nameless family, leaving yourself in dire need. No, if there’s anything left, then you can give, irrespective of how sympathetic you may be to others.

This isn’t selfish, it isn’t racist or anything else, just plain realistic Another thing, it’s a disgrace that there is a need for so many charities in this country.

Not only do we get a new begging bag every week, the biggest charity of all is Children In Need. It doesn’t seem right that we have all this austerity when our own people are having to rely on these charities. There’s nothing wrong with helping others but this is beyond a joke.

Janet S Kitchen-Cooper, Ashley Park Road, York.