IN 2004, I decided it was time to find out what the other people who I had known at school – I was at Beckfield Lane School, which was demolished in the early 1970s having been built in 1947/48 – had done with their lives.

I started with nineteen people and we met at The Lord Collingwood at Nether Poppleton.

I am now nearing my 78th year and I lived in Ouseburn Avenue, where everyone knew everyone.

At the first meeting it was decided we would meet every three months. It was decided to draw a line from each end of Beckfield Lane leading down to Blossom Street and to qualify you had to be 15 in 1950.

To date, I have 458 people on my register and people come from Huddersfield, Hull, Horsham, Datchworth and Aberdeen to be with us.

However, it is difficult to find some of the women due to them getting married and changing surnames. I still seek the following people: Eileen Ferguson, Jean Parker, Maureen Denton, Shirley Fox, Dorothy Leach, Jean Hodgson, Veronica Young, Pauline Neale, Joyce French, Alan Ferguson and Terry Fox.

Anyone who qualifies is welcome to the meetings at the Ainsty on Boroughbridge Road. The next one is on December 11 at noon.

John A Hudson, Main Street, Wheldrake, York.