I AM concerned about the chaos caused by the heavy traffic in Malton and the action which has had to be taken recently due to the floods.

If my suggestions had been listened to and acted on, there would have been a suitable system in place to handle the traffic flow we now have to cope with. I suggested a roundabout be built at the Low Hutton/A64 junction and another one at Scagglethorpe, which would have allowed the present displaced traffic to gyrate and turn back into Malton or on to the bypass, ie, York Road Industrial Estate.

HGVs would be able to use the western roundabout to turn east and the eastern roundabout to turn back to Norton/Beverley and vice versa.

I estimate that the two roundabouts could have been built in approximately six weeks each at a cost of one million each.

It would have left four and a half million pounds to spend on a four-way junction on Broughton Road – the real source of HGVs in Malton.

EL Thompson, Crambe, York.