IN THE PRESS of November 27, you published a feature regarding the intention to make York city-centre streets car-free zones for longer.

I think it is overdue that City of York Council tackles the problem of cars parked in the city centre, most of which are disabled badge holders of one colour or another.

These cars have to drive into the streets often through hordes of pedestrians who assume the streets are car-free.

When parked in narrow streets, they restrict larger vehicles such as refuse lorries and fire engines from going about their legitimate business.

We should offer disabled people a better system which is sympathetic to our narrow streets.

Why not have a disabled Park&Ride car park near the city centre, with a dedicated electric minibus to take people to where they want to shop?

Several of these minibuses running around the city would eliminate the exhaust fumes from the disabled cars, and effectively widen the streets for pedestrians, all of whom we hope will contribute to our shopping and tourist economy.

Stuart Wilson, Vesper Drive, Acomb, York.