IT APPEARS that ‘cycling champion’ Paul Hepworth has been talking out of his saddlebag again, according David Quarrie and also the excellent rebuttal from Philip E Sunley (Letters, November 27).

Mr Hepworth went on to report (Letters, November 26) that he has spent some peak mornings and evenings observing the revised junction at Clifton Green and asks: “Have the peak-time queues vanished yet?”

No, Mr Hepworth, they have not vanished but they have diminished considerably. Tripping frequently to hospital over the past year, I can categorically state that the queue at the lights has gone down from a drastic half-hour to a manageable five or ten minutes.

Bending the truth on bus lanes and clearly wrong decisions to do away with filter lanes does Mr Hepworth no credit at all, but it might help him to change his career to become a political spin-doctor.

Bob Redwood, Main Street, Askham Bryan, York.