THIS proposed increase in the price of alcohol is a smack in the face of all decent people.

The way we are treated by this nanny state is unbelievable. The only solution they can come up with is to punish everyone, and I am tired of being punished for the trouble other people make.

The government ministers are paid a fortune to use their brains, and all they can come up with is to increase things or ban them.

Just punish the guilty and leave the innocent alone.

Binge drinking is done by the young wealthy people who would not care if the minimum unit were increased to £5.

The guilty should be locked up until sober, put before a judge before release then made to attend a class to see how pathetic they really are.

A McCarthy, Friars Walk, Muncaster, York.


• HEAVY BINGE drinking results in drink-related health problems and heavy demands on the NHS.

The latest efforts to curb this by increasing the minimum cost of wines and beer, etc, at supermarkets and off licenses require the following comments.

The majority of bingers are drunk after the first pints of lager/beer or shots/bottle of wine/spirits. After reaching that state the rest of their time is merely topping up while socialising. The extra cost is likely to mean they will continue inebriation with fewer bottles or shots of booze.

Conclusion, less sales for the vendors but not much loss of revenue with bingeing problem unsolved.

J Beisly, Osprey Close, York.