I WISH to complain about the behaviour of Selby District Council relating to the proposed additional travellers’ site on the airfield at Burn.

Selby District Council has not followed its own processes and procedures in selecting a suitable site. It has ignored the opinions of residents, including the existing gipsy/traveller community on the airfield at Burn.

It has reversed an earlier decision in which they stated that the site at Burn should not be expanded.

They have misled the people they are supposed to represent and whose interests they are supposed to consider.

We live side by side with the existing travellers’ site, but the council is proposing adding substantially to that site, thereby changing the dynamic of the community.

Burn has no shops, no schools and one pub. The site would be on a road with no footpaths and poor street lighting, where site traffic will have to turn on to the busy A19.

The council should be finding ways to spread the requirement for additional travellers’ sites across the district.

I’m sure all residents of Burn hope you will support us as we fight to ensure our voice is heard and the proposed site is not developed.

Paul Lush, Park Lane, Burn.