IN THE interests of safety, anyone tempted to visit Lendal Bridge to admire the solitary illuminated seahorse and five flashing lights would be well advised to arm themselves with a torch.

The temporary light which was at the top of the steps leading from Esplanade to Lendal Bridge has now expired, leaving a treacherous descent. In August I was told that the ornate light which used to be there was “being refurbished as part of the Reinvigorate York programme and would take six to eight weeks”. Despite two reminders and no replies it is still missing.

In addition, there are unlit lights on Lendal Bridge and in Museum Street which have not been working for several months, and now unlit lamps outside the station. Perhaps the money which the council has found for the lights in Stonegate would have been better used in first getting the lights working elsewhere in the city.

Mrs S Galloway, Stirrup Close, York.