LIKE many of your readers, I can confirm that John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, is likeable, popular and committed to Christianity.

Having met him once or twice, his approach to life appears to be the factor that draws your attention – colourful is, indeed, an apt word.

But that isn't the reason why he should, or not, have been translated to Lambeth.

This country has had the misfortune of incurring people such as Rowan Williams and his predecessors– intellectuals and committed Christians but who, due to their inherent dreariness, have slowly drained away the support for the Church of England.

Church attendances are down. Contributions are insufficient and age groups show cause for pessimism.

Change is needed – not for change's sake but simply because unless the blinkers are taken off, the Church will never recover.

The Church has to be all things to all people. A compromise was deemed necessary. But if only we had had the courage to stand up and be counted, we would not be afraid of the rifts in the Church.

Can you recall the last time we had a strong leader. I believe in Dr Sentamu we had the man.

The African continent is leading the way. England has opted for a youthful Archbishop of Canterbury. An evangelist, I am told, but a man who will inherit the intrigues of the Church and politics.

Am I biased? Of course I am.

David McSherry Landing Lane, Hemingbrough, Selby.