IT WAS shameful to see the leader of City of York Council, James Alexander, once again declining to wear the traditional councillors’ robe at the Armistice parade on Sunday.

Can he not see that this is seen by many as a direct insult to the office he holds and is putting bigotry before the paying of respect to those who have given their lives for their country?

Last year, when he was criticised for the same reason, he excused himself by saying the robe set him apart from the people of York. This arrogance was soon dispensed with, however, when the Queen visited recently.

Obviously, as a sign of wanting to be noticed by Her Majesty, he quickly donned and paraded in his robe.

At the ripe old age of 30, when most of us had a proper job, James should have learned something about propriety. Obviously he still has much more to learn.

Frank Veazey, Cortneys, Wheldrake, York.