WHEN will First buses realise from all the adverse letters in The Press that we have had enough of the contempt in which they hold their customers?

On Saturday, I waited in Beckfield Lane in the cold from 1.25pm until 2.15pm for two scheduled buses which never arrived, causing me to miss an important appointment.

I doubt whether First could care less about this, but sooner or later the protection/ deregulation Thatcher afforded them must change and the sooner the better.

William Moore, Lochrin Place, York.


• I REFER to the article in The Press about the supposed new bus lane on Boroughbridge Road (The Press, November 7).

I cannot see the point in putting a bus lane from Plantation Drive to Princess Drive, a matter of some 500 metres. It will make no difference to traffic-flow on Boroughbridge Road; in fact it would make matters much worse.

R Walton, Boroughbridge Road, Acomb, York.