I READ in The Press (November 2) that First buses are spending money on new livery in order to improve service and this was welcomed by City of York Council.

Last week I travelled twice into the city centre from Copmanthorpe. As part of the “improved service”, First now runs buses to and from Copmanthorpe hourly instead of half-hourly.

On the two occasions I used buses last week, the bus was 20 minutes late the first time. The second time we were told the bus was only going as far as Rougier Street and we had to change bus stops and get another bus to Stonebow. My bus pass was swiped by both bus drivers so presumably First were paid twice for the one journey, which was far from efficient. How is this improving standards?

I suggest the council tells First to serve its customers properly and forget the expensive fancy work. I don’t care what is painted on the buses, I would just like a convenient and efficient service.

Beryl Kinder, Leadley Croft, Copmanthorpe, York.