Beneath the surface of York's colourful past we delve into the detail of Vikings, Romans and Victorians...

13 fantastic old Fulford photos: 1956-1996

York Press:

Join us for a walk down memory lane in Fulford...

OLD YORK PHOTOS: 13 from Poppleton

York Press:

Join us for another trip down memory lane in York....

9 wonderful old pictures of Petergate

York Press:

2:28pm Monday 26th January 2015

WELCOME to Petergate at the turn of the last century - about 1890 to 1910.

9 brrrr-illiant old pictures of York in bitter winters

York Press:

It may be cold in York this week, but it's nothing compared to the dramatic winters captured below.

OLD YORK PHOTOS: 13 from Clifton, 1966-1993

York Press:

6:00am Thursday 15th January 2015

This week, our stroll down memory lane takes us to Clifton....

Wolds Wagoners: Remembering East Yorkshire's courageous First World War heroes

York Press:

2:57pm Monday 19th January 2015

ON Boxing Day 1914, a letter appeared in the Pocklington Weekly News. It was signed simply 'eye witness, supply column, Army Service Corps', and related a remarkable story of coolness under fire on the western front.

7 old photos of Fulford Show in the 1980s and 90s

York Press:

3:02pm Monday 12th January 2015

IT is flashback to the 1980s in Yesterday Once More this week, and some wonderful scenes from the annual Fulford Show.

Reader from New Zealand solves St Clements School shield mystery

York Press:

2:41pm Monday 12th January 2015

The mystery of the school sports shield being held by pupils of the long-since-closed St Clements School, which we carried in Yesterday Once More on December 29, has been solved.

16 old photos of Acomb from the 1950s - 1990s

York Press:

8:00am Thursday 8th January 2015

Join us for a walk down memory lane in Acomb....

A celebration of the good old British protest

York Press:

12:28pm Monday 5th January 2015

THE public-spirited protest is as British as a nice cup of tea. It may not always be convenient for those who'd prefer us to do as we're told, bur our readiness to pull on a pair of wellies and a thick jumper and stand in a muddy field waving a placard to defend things we love is one of our defining national characteristics - as well as being a vital part of the democratic process.

Readers help solve photo mysteries

York Press:

12:03pm Monday 5th January 2015

Reader Jeff Lund from The Groves got in touch about a photograph in Yesterday Once More on December 22, which showed a workman busy with a saw cutting across a road just inside the city walls in 1990.

Smarties, 1980s videos of York... and more! - See the fascinating hoard found in a long-lost time capsule in York

York Press:

10:51am Friday 2nd January 2015

A HOARD of memorabilia from the 1980s has been unearthed with the discovery of a time capsule at The Press’s former headquarters in Walmgate, York.

Memories of York's lost school

York Press:

2:31pm Monday 29th December 2014

WHETHER you loved your schooldays or loathed them, the memories always remain with you.

A look back at the construction of York's bypass

York Press: Traffic: Roads: Constuction and Maintenance 1978 (14178327)

2:34pm Monday 22nd December 2014

WE tend to take the York bypass for granted these days - when we're not cursing it for being jammed with traffic, that is.

Life on the frontline

York Press: File photo dated 17/08/14 of British soldiers from the Royal Welch Fusiliers and the Cheshire Regiment in a Belgian town on their way to Mons as part of the British Expeditionary Force, as royalty, political leaders and families of the fallen will unite i

3:17pm Monday 15th December 2014

JEAN Stirk still remembers the day a man came to her father's house with a copy of a wartime diary.

Wife sold for 38p in York

York Press:

2:53pm Monday 8th December 2014

YORK is a city with a very long history. So it is little surprise that it should also be a city with many forgotten secrets.

First World War troops used York's Merchant Adventurers’ Hall as a billet

York Press: The Merchant  Adventurers Hall circa 1914  (13361657)

2:20pm Monday 1st December 2014

CHRISTMAS 1914 will always be remembered as a day of unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front and one of its most enduring images is the no man's land football match.

When cars cluttered the city

York Press: (12740958)

2:58pm Monday 17th November 2014

CAR PARK full proclaims the two notices on York's Exhibition Square, despite just 16 vehicles sitting in the bays. Look closer and it seems the attendant has tied the signs to a couple of the cars before taking a well earned rest by leaning on an MG Magnette.

8 historic pictures show changes to York's city centre

York Press: Flashback to 1958, when old property was cleared from the Gillygate end of Lord Mayor's Walk to make way for road widening and a car park

2:47pm Monday 10th November 2014

COMPARED to many English cities, York's streetscape hasn't changed that much over the last 50 years or so.

11 facts you (maybe) didn't know about York's notorious son, Guy Fawkes

York Press: ABRIDGE: Plans for Guy Fawkes Night to go with a bang

11:14am Wednesday 5th November 2014

How much do you know about Guy Fawkes?...

8 pictures of Holgate Windmill though the ages

York Press:

4:02pm Monday 3rd November 2014

THE sails of Holgate Windmill have become a familiar sight on York's skyline once again, thanks to the Holgate Windmill Preservation Society's marvellous restoration job.

George Leeman statue on the move

York Press:

3:20pm Monday 3rd November 2014

PRESS reader Victor Dennis, from Acomb, sent us our final two pictures. They show the statue of George Leeman, which stands just outside the city walls where Leeman Road meets Station Rise, being moved.

Uncovering Knaresborough's secret history

York Press:

3:27pm Monday 27th October 2014

THERE aren't many secrets left to tell about a town with a history as rich as Knaresborough's, admits local historian Paul Chrystal.

8 historic pictures of York's Colliergate and King's Square

York Press: Christ Church, King's Square, c1900

3:06pm Monday 20th October 2014

MORE memories and old photos for you today from Van Wilson's new oral history book Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers - this time focussing on Colliergate and King's Square.

8 historic photographs of York's Shambles

York Press: Robinson's saddlers, Whip-ma-Whop-ma-gate

3:23pm Monday 13th October 2014

YORK'S Shambles is known all over the world. It has been described as the finest street in Europe, and in the 2010 Google Street View Awards was named 'Britain's Most Picturesque Street'.

More history articles>>

Way we were

January 30

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

8:47am Friday 30th January 2015

100 years ago: THE Yorkshire Herald published a remarkable list of the York men who were serving in his Majesty’s forces.

January 29

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

9:33am Thursday 29th January 2015

100 years ago: One curious effect of the war had been to stop entirely the supply of European leeches, which at one time had been the doctor’s staple remedy, and currently were still used to some extent by the profession.

January 28

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

10:09am Wednesday 28th January 2015

100 years ago: “Knowledge” wrote: “I got the enclosed (Chief Constable’s notice re lights-out) left at my place of business yesterday with a request to pay what attention I could to it and minimise the lights I was using in accordance with the leaflet, but you can understand my surprise when going to the post last night I noticed that the clock in the Courts of Justice shone out as bright as ever, while the other lighted tower clocks were extinguished.

January 27

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

10:23am Tuesday 27th January 2015

100 years ago: BENJAMIN Stead, one of the crew of the trawler Octavia, told of the battle they had witnessed out on the North Sea.

January 26

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

9:46am Monday 26th January 2015

100 years ago: The excellent arrangements made by the committee and secretary of the YMCA Club at the Exhibition Buildings, York, for the comfort and convenience of the soldiers in York, were being much appreciated, the attendances being about 1000 a day.

January 24

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

7:00am Saturday 24th January 2015

100 years ago: The British State did its best by the legitimate use of its armed forces to keep off the invaders. But it would have been as difficult to keep seagulls out of England as it was to completely bar the air to German aircraft.

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