A PIGLET peeps over the rim of a trough while his (or her?) mum feeds nearby; seals bask in the sun at Ravenscar; a startled squirrel looks straight at the camera before darting off about its business.

Just three of the great images from members of The Press Camera Club we feature on the centre pages today.

There is, as you’ll see, an animal theme to today’s selection of photographs. Michelle Atkins’ butterfly at Homestead Park seems, like Ray Breeze’s squirrel, to be looking straight at the lens. Both Joy Stead’s llama and Matthew Fawcett’s goat, meanwhile, are chewing reflectively, the side-to-side motion of their grinding jaws very clear.

But why include Ann Groves’ Wallace and Gromit? Well, Gromit’s a dog. And Anne’s photo, taken at the Thornton Dale scarecrow trail, also includes Preston, the robotic cyber-mutt from A Close Shave. Plus, it’s a great photo. What more excuse is needed?

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Stephen Lewis