Dark secret of women's suffering in Brazil

York Press: A man is held in a police cell after chasing his wife into the station brandishing a knife  (c) tomalprice.com (24799200)

2:42pm Wednesday 6th May 2015

Nearly 100,000 women have been killed inside their homes in Brazil in the past three decades. On a trip with Christian Aid, KATE LIPTROT visits a life saving safe house helping women escape the violence.

10 York coffee venues not to be missed - as chosen by two top experts

York Press:

7:00am Monday 4th May 2015

See which gems you've yet to discover....

An occasion to be ethical

York Press:

11:43am Tuesday 5th May 2015

Can you look grand but still be green? MAXINE GORDON reports on ethical occasion wear.

How Steve Williams learned the art of life...

York Press:

11:30am Monday 4th May 2015

Steve Williams left the corporate world for a creative path and is now an artist and a gardener. He talks to RUTH ADDICOTT.

North African street food arrives in York

York Press:

12:54pm Saturday 2nd May 2015

AROMAS of warming spices and meats mingle in the air and lead you by the nose to the furthest corner of the new-look Shambles Market.

Being lured to the Lakes

York Press:

6:00am Saturday 2nd May 2015

JULIAN COLE follows the tourist trail to Bowness for one night only and finds plenty to enjoy indoors and out.

Digging into the past beneath their feet

York Press:

10:39am Friday 1st May 2015

Schools, volunteers, local historians and professional archaeologists have been delving deep into Tadcaster’s past, to find out about the Roman town, its Norman castle – and a memento to a long-ago bare knuckle prize fight. STEPHEN LEWIS reports.

These are the days of our lives

York Press:

10:33am Thursday 30th April 2015

History isn’t just about musty old documents: it is also about the memories and experiences of ordinary people. MATT CLARK meets the people behind a unique exercise in social history taking place right now in York.

VIDEO: Great video footage from Rowntree sports day in 1946: plus what has the ground become today?

York Press:

9:23am Wednesday 29th April 2015

STEPHEN LEWIS looks back at the ground’s history – and ahead, to what the future holds.

Getting a bird's eye view of York

York Press:

2:47pm Tuesday 28th April 2015

IT’S the time of year when the red Virgin hot air balloon can often be seen in the skies above York.

My good friend, friend, friend Viv

York Press:

2:40pm Tuesday 28th April 2015

Viv Nicholson infamously vowed to “spend, spend, spend” after winning a fortune on the football pools in the 1960s. MAXINE GORDON hears an eyewitness account of those heady days from family friend, York hairdresser Jacqui Reilly.

Flagship dramas signal the rise of Yorkshire as a TV powerhouse?

York Press:

1:59pm Monday 27th April 2015

The BBC’s next big flagship drama, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, was filmed at locations across Yorkshire, including York. But does it really signal the rise of the region as a TV powerhouse? STEPHEN LEWIS reports.

Yorkshire days out at a stately pace

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 25th April 2015

Yorkshire has some of the finest stately homes, historic castles and formal gardens in the country. If you’re looking for a great day, you’re spoilt for choice, says STEPHEN LEWIS.

A trip to Disneyland Paris

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 25th April 2015

MAXINE GORDON heads to Disneyland Paris with her tweenager and discovers the legendary magic has no age barriers.

Meet the parliamentary candidates for York Outer

York Press:

10:10am Friday 24th April 2015

In the second of two ‘meet the candidate’ spreads, we invited the five parliamentary candidates standing for York Outer to introduce themselves.

More city archive secrets revealed

York Press:

9:41am Thursday 23rd April 2015

An 1857 escape attempt from York Castle prison, a catalogue of weapons held in Clifford’s Tower after the civil war and details of the Archbishop of York’s underwear in the 1870s: it’s all there in recently catalogued material in York’s city archives. STEPHEN LEWIS reports.

The bloody battles that shaped Yorkshire's history

York Press:

3:47pm Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Some of the most important, yet little known, battles were fought in Yorkshire during the Middle Ages. MATT CLARK meets a York historian who is about to shed light on them.

We’ve turned into fragrance flirts...

York Press:

2:28pm Tuesday 21st April 2015

Maxine Gordon finds that nowadays women like to flirt with fragrance rather than sticking with their old favourite.

Do you love wild plants and flowers? If so, botanists need YOU to start keeping a record of wild plants in Yorkshire

York Press:

2:33pm Monday 20th April 2015

CAN you tell your bee orchid from your wood cranes-bill? How are you at spotting a rare pasqueflower or the gloriously-named melancholy thistle?

Winners of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust wildlife photography competition revealed

York Press:

1:31pm Saturday 18th April 2015

Yorkshire has some great amateur wildlife photographers, as the winners of this year's Yorkshire Wildlife Trust wildlife photography competition reveal, says STEPHEN LEWIS. And if you think you can do better, the Trust will be repeating the competition at the end of this year...

Discovering the birthplace of Impressionism during a visit to Normandy

York Press:

1:50pm Saturday 18th April 2015

So this is where it all began. One of the greatest and most popular movements in art started here among the half-timbered houses and by the picturesque harbour of Honfleur, when a teenage Claude Monet was invited by local artist Eugene Roudin to come and paint landscapes out of the studio, 'en plein air.'

World Book Night: Free books to be handed out in York and region

York Press:

1:00pm Saturday 18th April 2015

LOCAL poets Don Walls and Anneliese Emmans Dean will be joining the string quartet from the York Music Centre for an evening of live music and poetry at York central library to mark World Book Night on Thursday.

Meet the parliamentary candidates for York Central

York Press:

10:44am Friday 17th April 2015

In the first of two York ‘meet the candidates’ spreads, we invited the seven parliamentary candidates competing for York Central to introduce themselves.

York's Mansion House undergoes a £1.5m restoration

York Press:

11:50am Thursday 16th April 2015

York’s historic Mansion House will be closed for a year from this summer while it undergoes a comprehensive £1.5m restoration. STEPHEN LEWIS finds out how the money will be spent.

York Art Gallery prepares to stand on its own two feet as council cuts back on its funding

York Press:

11:02am Wednesday 15th April 2015

In the year of her retirement, York Museums Trust chief executive Janet Barnes has announced that York Art Gallery will charge for entry once it reopens. She tells STEPHEN LEWIS why – and also looks back on her 13 years in charge.

Take a look at York's new Italian ice cream parlour

York Press:

2:15pm Saturday 11th April 2015

MAXINE GORDON meets the man bringing the taste of Italian gelato to the heart of York.

Glass fragments throw light on Rosedale's dark history

York Press:

11:28am Friday 10th April 2015

In the 16th century Rosedale was a hive of black-market glass-making. England’s only surviving furnace from the period is on show. MATT CLARK discovers its secrets.

Taking measures to improve safety along the banks for York's rivers

York Press:

11:53am Thursday 9th April 2015

City of York Council has made almost £100,000 worth of river safety improvements along the banks of the Ouse and Foss following a spate of drownings last year. With summer approaching, STEPHEN LEWIS joined river safety campaigner Jackie Roberts on a tour of inspection.

York airman John Beisly recalls German raids 70 years on

York Press:

12:51pm Wednesday 8th April 2015

It was the Second World War cause célèbre and still provokes heated debate today. MATT CLARK meets an airman from York who flew on the infamous Dresden raid of 1945.

Hannah is off to join the Norland Nannies

York Press:

9:59am Tuesday 7th April 2015

MAXINE GORDON meets the York teenager heading for an elite college that breeds nannies fit for the royal family.

First solo exhibition for doctor-turned-photographer Allan Harris

York Press:

1:30pm Monday 6th April 2015

Retired Haxby GP and keen amateur photographer Allan Harris is to get his first ever solo exhibition. He spoke to STEPHEN LEWIS.

Shambles market opens for business following its £1.6 million refit

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 4th April 2015

Shambles Market in York is open again for business and hoping for a great Bank Holiday weekend following its £1.6 million refit. STEPHEN LEWIS went along to find out what stallholders and customers think of the new look.

A weekday night on the whisky

York Press:

12:18pm Saturday 4th April 2015

JULIAN COLE fails to keep a clear head as he heads to a whisky tasting in York

A taste of Easter on a plate

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 4th April 2015

Star Inn chef ANDREW PERN has a delicious suggestion for your Sunday menu.

A festival dipped in chocolate

York Press:

11:43am Friday 3rd April 2015

It’s Easter and that means one thing; eggs, dozens of them, and you can learn how to make your own at this weekend’s chocolate festival in York. MATT CLARK offers a taste of what to expect.

Here they are - the spectacular gems that will be on show after York Art Gallery’s £8m facelift

York Press:

10:19am Thursday 2nd April 2015

York Art Gallery has chosen Yorkshire Day for its long-awaited return. STEPHEN LEWIS takes a look at some of the stunning and important pieces we’ll be able to see for ourselves soon.

Family bond tells a political tale

York Press:

2:10pm Wednesday 1st April 2015

Local politics will be a hot topic in York households in the run-up to the election, none more so than in the family of Lord Mayor Ian Gillies. He’s a staunch Tory; his daughter’s a left-winger. STEPHEN LEWIS set out to find if they could share some common ground...

Putting York on the style map

York Press:

11:54am Tuesday 31st March 2015

York is about to put fashion first for a weekend of fun events, reports MAXINE GORDON

Why is it that everyone loves playing trains?

York Press:

1:41pm Monday 30th March 2015

MATT CLARK explores an exhibition that should appeal to young and old alike.

York’s former Army and Navy Stores transformed into new bar and restaurant

York Press:

1:33pm Saturday 28th March 2015

York’s former Army and Navy Stores has been transformed into a new bar and restaurant with a quirky war theme. MAXINE GORDON marches there in quick time for an inspection.

Artists set to open their doors for York Open Studios

York Press:

1:04pm Friday 27th March 2015

Take a walk around the city next month and you will find paintings and prints, sculptures and ceramics, furniture and fabrics, jewellery and glass, all behind the doors of York Open Studios. JO HUGHES reports.

A tour around Goddards, the former home to the Terry family

York Press:

1:43pm Thursday 26th March 2015

MATT CLARK looks around the Arts & Craft house in York that was once home to the Terry family, and discovers how a young volunteer came up with the Art of Design theme running until June.

Revealing the secrets of Merchant Adventurers’ Hall's archive

York Press:

3:39pm Wednesday 25th March 2015

From April, the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall is offering half price admission to YorkCard holders. MATT CLARK delves into the building’s archive and finds an incredibly detailed account of its early history.

York chocolatier makes treats with a twist

York Press:

11:12am Tuesday 24th March 2015

Fed up with Easter eggs, then how about a chocolate welly or giant cupcake? MAXINE GORDON visits a York chocolatier making treats with a twist.

The Major Series: Down deep in dirt on UK’s leading trail race

York Press:

11:55am Tuesday 24th March 2015

“KEEP moving those legs otherwise you’ll get stuck and I’m not coming in to get you,” joked one of the British Military Fitness (BMF) team members.

A vivid voice all the way from Waterloo

York Press:

3:19pm Monday 23rd March 2015

This year is the bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo, and retired York teacher Stephen Gavin is sharing the extraordinary diary of a relative who was there. JOHN WOODCOCK reports.

VIDEOS & PICTURES: New exhibition by wildlife artist Robert Fuller to showcase the home-building habits of birds

York Press:

12:40pm Saturday 21st March 2015

The first hint of spring heralds the start of the nesting season. Wildlife artist Robert Fuller is preparing an Easter exhibition about the home-building habits of birds. He shows STEPHEN LEWIS birds in action around his Wolds home.

Who said journalists don't have poetry in their souls?

York Press:

1:20pm Saturday 21st March 2015

Former Press and Gazette & Herald journalist James Kilner has just published his first volume of poetry. He spoke to STEPHEN LEWIS.

11 things you might not know about Richard III

York Press:

12:55pm Friday 20th March 2015

King Richard III will finally get a proper burial next week - in Leicester. STEPHEN LEWIS digs out some lesser-known facts about the king who wanted to be buried in York.

The 2015 eclipse - and how to observe it safely

York Press:

12:33pm Thursday 19th March 2015

Don’t panic tomorrow morning if the sun begins to look as though it has had a bite taken out of it... it will just be the moon getting in the way. STEPHEN LEWIS reports on the 2015 eclipse.

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Killing crocodiles is not good TV

York Press: Photograph of the Author

11:37am Tuesday 5th May 2015

I WATCHED in horror a TV programme in which a group of men trapped and killed a crocodile in a lagoon on an uninhabited Pacific island.

Proud to be part of York Theatre Royal

York Press:

11:30am Tuesday 5th May 2015

York Theatre Royal has launched a campaign to raise £500,000 to help pay for its biggest upgrade in 50 years. Today, The Press publishes the latest in an occasional series of columns by writers explaining what the theatre means to them.

When did the bike bug bite?

York Press: Sue Nelson

9:29am Monday 4th May 2015

DID the Tour de Yorkshire ding your bell over the weekend? Were you out there cheering on the Lycra whoosh-by and waving the white rose?

Readers' letters

Check the date when selling your car

York Press: Tax Disc . Tuesday August 26 2014. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA  



10:40am Wednesday 6th May 2015

BACK in October, the Government changed the rules on car road tax. We no longer needed to display the paper tax disc in the windscreen. This measure, we were told, was to help save £7 million in printing the tax disc.

A pleasure walking in a car-free zone

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:37am Wednesday 6th May 2015

AS WELL as enjoying the atmosphere and fun of the Tour de Yorkshire, I was struck by how much more enjoyable it was to walk from Holgate to Bishopthorpe and Knavesmire with my family during the event without the usual traffic.

Stuck at home with Top Gear presenter

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:36am Wednesday 6th May 2015

IN MY last letter I stated that over the period of this cycle race I would be restricted as to where I could go and was hoping there was something worth watching on television.

Smoothing out bumps in the road

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:35am Wednesday 6th May 2015

ON bank holiday Monday I needed to go shopping. When I had finished, I went for a drive along Tang Hall Lane and round Osbaldwick, not because I needed to be there but just for the sheer joy of being able to drive along roads almost unencumbered by the nasty speed bumps.

Fundraising Fun

Charity day for Blake Knaggs

York Press: Blake Knaggs

8:05am Tuesday 5th May 2015

A FUNDRAISING drive for a baby with a rare and incurable condition will continue with a dog show.

York doctor to row across the Atlantic

York Press:

9:50am Tuesday 28th April 2015

A TEAM of rowers, including a York doctor, hope to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.


Old York photos: Check out our most recent galleries

York Press:

See all our recent nostalgia features and galleries in one place....

The VE Day parties that marked the end of the war

York Press:

12:29pm Monday 4th May 2015

SEVENTY years ago today, the war with Germany was all but over.

11 fantastic old York cycling pictures

York Press:

7:00am Thursday 30th April 2015

Join us for a cycle ride down memory lane in York...

Health & Wellbeing

Cured with a touch of Tuina

York Press:

11:38am Monday 4th May 2015

MAXINE GORDON finds out whether the Chinese massage used to fix Jamaican Olympian Yohan Blake can cure her back pain.

Big grins as novices complete Walk 2 Jog programme

York Press:

11:44am Monday 4th May 2015

A team of novice runners from York have gone from walking to running 5km in weeks. KATE LIPTROT reports.

Food for thought: A refreshing, light and spicy soup from Vietnam

York Press:

11:40am Monday 4th May 2015

I love the lightness and fragrance of Vietnamese food, Vietnamese cuisine uses very little oil and it it is consider one of the healthiest in the world.


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