NORTH Yorkshire firefighters are offering businesses safety advice this week, as part of the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) UK Business Safety Week 2017.

The week aims to make sure businesses and staff know how to prevent, protect and respond to fire at work. It has been scheduled for the run up to Christmas, when companies might be taking on extra staff.

Fire services will be asking businesses to ensure they have taken action to prevent fires in the workplace; take action to protect themselves from arson; make sure all staff know how to respond to a fire; and work with the fire service to reduce false alarms and enforcement notices.

NFCC Protection and Enforcement Lead, Mark Hardingham said: "I’m delighted that the National Fire Chiefs Council is again working with small and medium size businesses to help them ensure that they are able to operate in a way that is safe from the terrible effects of fire. These businesses make a massive contribution to the UK economy and local communities and we want to help them to do this in a sustainable and safe way."

Later in the year, four special fire safety events will be staged during York Business Week. They will cover things like legal requirements, general fire precautions and staff training. Information is available in the Business Safety Seminars section of