A YORK Science Park-based business says it is turning graduate recruitment on its head with the introduction of exclusive software that connects small and medium sized businesses with university graduates.

Gradintelligence is the UK’s largest verified online talent platform, hosting achievement data for more than 690,000 registered students.

Following ten years of research and development and with the launch of its Online Talent Matching Engine software just a year ago, the business is now seeing rapid uptake from universities and students alike, and is pursuing strategic partnerships with national recruitment agencies.

Director Fraser Anderson said: “Around 50 per cent of graduates would now consider a career in start-ups or SMEs, and many we’ve spoken to have a positive preference to work in a small, growing business where their efforts can make a tangible difference.

"The current graduate recruitment market for SMEs is not good, and vast numbers of graduates in the UK are unable to find suitable positions due to the current failing processes.

“Each year, universities create an attractive potential workforce, but smaller companies often struggle to access this talent pool because they’re not familiar with university structures and processes.

"Our matching tool, which is the first of its kind in the UK, has been specifically designed for, and piloted by, smaller businesses.

" Over time, we expect that it will have a positive impact on regional economies by attracting and retaining emerging university talent.”

Gradintelligence now has contracts with 42 UK universities and its graduate level talent pool is growing at over 80 per cent per annum. A typical contract would cost about £50,000 in the first year of operation and roughly £20,000 per annum thereafter.

The company is aiming to increase its university customer base to over 100 in the next 3-5 years representing approximately 75 per cent of all UK Higher Education students.

Tracey Smith, York Science Park CEO, said: “Gradintelligence is a great example of a business using a new and innovative approach to modernise an existing market.

"The team is helping a wide range of businesses find their next team member and make use of information they would never previously have been able to access, and it’s brilliant to see other Science Park residents benefitting from their service, too."