A YORK PR and communications director has been appointed to chair a global network for her industry.

Karen Tinkler, director of York-based The Partners Group, will be welcomed back as chairwoman of the International Public Relations Team (IPRTeam) global PR network, after chairing it between 2009 and 2012.

The IPRTeam was established in 2001 and has a membership of independent PR and communications agencies in 11 countries across five continents.

The Partners Group has been the sole UK representative since 2002, and Ms Tinkler was invited to revisit her role this year to drive the next stage in the group’s growth and development.

She said:”IPRTeam was created to give small and medium sized businesses access to global publicity support through a network of like-minded, independent agencies around the world.

“Through the network, clients can retain a close working relationship with an agency they know and trust in their home country, working in their native language, whilst benefitting from local knowledge and experience from around the world.”