A YORK firm of chartered surveyors is celebrating a quarter of a century in business.

Surviving two property market crashes, Barry Crux & Company is this month marking its 25th anniversary.

Based in Castlegate, the business was founded in 1989 by Barry Crux, who after working for British Rail and Newcastle City Council, came to York to work in private practice.

The business now deals with a host of different types of both commercial and residential property throughout York and North Yorkshire, and is actively involved in various sectors of the commercial property market, including retail shops, restaurants, offices, industrial premises, licensed property, and hotels.

Mr Crux said: "My timing was impeccable as I launched the business just before a recession in the property market which we had to endure from the word go.

"However we managed to establish a presence in York and we have grown from there.

"Surviving the last six years has been the most difficult time. We kept the business intact, I have kept my team together and we rode the storm.

"The property market is improving nicely now, and I'm quite optimistic and excited for the years ahead."