HARROGATE International Centre says its decision to bring the running of its wi fi system in-house has paid off, following the success of its recent British Medical Association (BMA) conference.

"The high-profile event was the first large conference to take place since HIC Yorkshire made a major investment in 70 Wi-Fi access points throughout its halls," said a spokesman.

"Despite heavy demand on the new system, BMA organisers said the Wi-Fi ‘worked like a dream’ throughout the four-day meeting."

Ali Astal, HIC Yorkshire’s senior IT-manager said: “We felt our previous Wi-Fi system, which was provided by an external company, couldn’t match the needs of the modern conference delegate so I decided to bring the whole operation in-house.

“Installing our own system from scratch took two months of planning, hard work and system tests but we wanted it ready for BMA. To get such glowing feedback from the BMA organisers proved we got it right.”