A RIPON-based butchers is expanding for the first time in its 147-year history with the opening of a new shop in Wetherby.

Pork specialist Appleton's is hoping to repeat its success in Ripon, where it sells more than 3,500 pork pies a week, at its new shop in Wetherby's market place.

Appleton's owner Anthony Sterne, who bought the business from a fourth generation family member four years ago, said: "There’s nowhere else in Wetherby that offers what we do.

“Since the horsemeat scandal, shoppers have become more discerning and are returning to traditional, independent butchers like ours that are set apart by their properly sourced, hand crafted products and personal counter service.

"We’re striving to become a big part of the Wetherby community just like we are in Ripon.

“We’re keeping old butchery skills alive, and it’s simply not good enough to sell what the supermarkets do any more.

"We’d rather be specialists; doing the best at what we do, rather than doing a bit of everything and not doing any of it well."