A MEETING between scientists, agricultural experts and the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA), has been held in York.

The meeting was held to explore how the groups can work together to strengthen the agricultural and food sector, under the Agri-Food Resilience Initiative (AFRI), between Fera and the University of York, and aimed to ensure a stable food supply chain in the face of climate change and declining natural resources.

Director of Science at Fera, and Chair of AFRI Phil Newton said “Huge regional strengths in agri-food research, innovation, training, farming and food production provide a clear opportunity for the Yorkshire and Humber region to pave the way for the agri-food agenda nationally.

"Working together, the organisations represented at this workshop today have the drive, skills and expertise needed to drive innovation and growth in the sector. And right now, there are opportunities to make this happen”

AFRI is part of a wide research group in Yorkshire and Humberside, with partners including the National Agri-food Innovation Campus, Askham Bryan College, Bishop Burton College, Stockbridge Technology Centre, the National Non-Food Crops Centre, the Biorenewables Development Centre, York Science Park and BioVale.