THE new chairman of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) will speak at a conference in York.

Ed Sweeney will speak at the fourth Northern Employment Conference, held on March 4 at the Royal York Hotel in the city.

The event aims to teach small employers how to apply best staff management practices from major organisations to their own smaller workforces.

The conference has been organised by the North Yorkshire & York Forum and Pay & Employment Rights Service.

Mr Sweeney will be joined by Peter McGee, the new director for the ACAS Northern Region, to review the major changes in employment legislation and practice that are being introduced and others that are being proposed.

Sarah Veale, head of equalities and diversity for the TUC, Dr Wilson Wong, researcher with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, and Michael Millward, branch chairman for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development North Yorkshire, will also speak at the event.

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