This time of the year is tremendously exciting for those entering higher education for the first time. Many first-year students will already have ambitions to enter careers in the business world upon graduation three years from now. Employability is key to realising these ambitions.

Aside from the study and – for many – finding their feet as independent young adults, career-focused business undergraduates will be conscious of the increasingly competitive global marketplace they will enter. It’s something that local businesses will be all too familiar with as competition continues to emerge from all corners of the world.

The higher education sector has a more vital than ever role to play in this business landscape. We too are faced with a changing market. In light of the introduction of variable tuition fees, there's no escaping that today's undergraduates will be looking for courses that deliver the right experience, skills and employability at the end.

York St John Business School has long been at the vanguard providing outstanding quality tuition and training which is appropriate for the global economy. This underpins the fact that 91 per cent of our graduates last year were in employment or full-time study six months after graduating.

Undergraduate expectations, however, go hand-in-hand with employer needs, in particular making sure employers have the talent pool they need to be successful and grow. Given the strength of academic and vocational courses in this country, businesses in the UK arguably have the competitive edge over their overseas rivals through the availability of first rate people and skills.

York St John Business School works hard to give local employers access to this rich talent pool by ensuring courses reflect the latest academic thinking in relation to all areas of business.

Through short-term placement opportunities for undergraduates and graduate internships, a two-way knowledge transfer benefits organisations and students. Students get the practical experience they need to demonstrate their abilities to future employers. Businesses get access to people who they may ordinarily struggle to attract.

This kind of close collaboration between York and North Yorkshire's business community and York St John Business School is vital if the employability needs of everyone are to be effectively met.

• More information on the business training programmes provided by York St John Business School is available by phoning 01904 876915 or emailing