HEWORTH 'A' showed that the previous week's 5-2 win over Acomb 'A' in the league was no fluke as they produced the same scoreline in the York Conservative Clubs' Kutters & Shannons Team Cup Final.

The final was held at Fuflord as part of the Faber Shield committee's end of season presentation evening.

In the opening frame, Acomb's Paul Holmes (0 handicap) made an early 20 break to go 26-10 ahead against Kevin Gall.

Gall potted eight reds but only three colours to take the lead 33-27 but Holmes then gained points from four snookers and went on to win 58-45.

Phil Carlton (+40) kept Neil Wood (0) quiet and benefited from Woods' mistakes to win 93-24, which put Acomb 2-0 ahead.

Richard Lillie (+1) fought back after Heworth's James Kilmartin (0) made a 27 break to move ahead 36-35 and, when he was left an easy last red, had a chance to win the game.

He took red, green and yellow but then left the green in the jaws and Kilmartin cleared to black to win 53-42.

Adam Scaife (0) made a 31 break when leading 44-36 just when Nick Marchant (+16) was getting into the match. Marchant conceded after Scaife picked off yellow and green to lead 80-36 and the match was level at 2-2.

Heworth's Jordan Worobec (0) dominated the fifth game against Keith Thornhill and won 65-21, which put Heworth ahead for the first time.

Clive Whyte (0) and Tim Lister (0) both struggled in their game but Lister looked favourite as he moved 19-9 in front. Whyte stuck to his task and eventually levelled at 32-32 with only three colours remaining.

Lister look brown and blue but when he tried a slow, narrow shot on the pink to the right black pocket - possibly hoping he would get a snooker on the black which was on the cushion if he missed the pot - he failed on both counts.

Whyte had an easy pink and his supposed safety shot on the black resulted in it flying off the top cushion into the middle pocket. It might Whyte an unlikely 45-41 winner of the game and won the match for Heworth.

The final game, between Nick Dyson (+15) and Mick Borg (0) was well in progress and so was allowed to continue. Dyson went 49-4 ahead but Borg responded to trail 56-49 with only the colours left.

Dyson potted yellow, green and brown and then picked off the blue and pink to win 76-49 as Heworth triumphed 5-2.

The cup and awards were presented by Roy Walker, of sponsor Kutters & Shannons.

Lee Taylor was awarded the Pasema Paving Highest Break award for his earlier effort of 85 in the Carlsberg UK League camapign.

John and Mark Darley presented the Eric Darley Memorial Cup, for the most valuable player in the final, to Adam Scaife.

Prior to the final, the following awards were presented: Carslberg UK Snooker League - Malton 'A'; Worthington Player of the Year - winner Malton's Simon Weatherill, runners-up Bootham's Paul Scorfield and Malton's Roger Ward; Slater Club Snooker Pairs League - Bootham; Faber Shield Billiards League - Fulford; Cameo Engraving Player of the Year - Fulford's Glen Mountain and Alan Reed; Cameo Engraving Highest Break - Heworth's Gary Rogers (80); Most dedicated player - Fulford's Alan Reed; John Smith's 5s and 3s League - Heworth.