AN OVERHAUL of council arrangements in York could see new parish councils created, while others are merged or abolished in the city.

The city council’s Staffing and Urgency Committee is due to meet today to launch a “community governance review” looking at parish and community councils in the city boundaries.

An electoral commission boundary review was finalised earlier this year, changing the lay-out of city council ward boundaries, and some parish council boundaries could change in line with those alterations.

But a report by the council’s electoral services manager said the review - which will update work done in 2002 and implemented in 2008 - will take a wider remit and could change the arrangements for elections, rename parishes, create new parish councils, or merge or abolish existing ones.

The report also says any new arrangements need to reflect the identities and interests of the community, as well as how changes could impact on community cohesion. If proposals are approved work will start in the next few weeks - with submissions and suggestions invited from the public and parish councils.