A YORK organisation is to make a short DVD to help disabled people manage a personal budget so they can be more in control of their lives.

Lives Unlimited, a family and user-led group of volunteers, says it wants disabled and older people in the York area to enjoy the same choices and opportunities as anyone else in their community - and the DVD could eventually be seen by disabled people across the country.

Chairwoman Alison Cowen said the DVD could be made thanks to a £500 donation from Freemasons from Minster Lodge and the Freemasons of Yorkshire North & East Ridings.

She said many people were put off personal budgets because they thought they were too complicated to manage.

"The DVD will aim to show, simply, the various steps to getting and using a budget and refer people to ‘Lives Unlimited’ for further information and support," she said.

"It will be made available to other similar organisation across the country, so the cost represents great value and many other disabled people could benefit from it."

Keith Bell, charity steward at Minster Lodge, said Freemasonry was not a charity but its fundamental beliefs of friendship and high ethical standards were important and led it to giving financial assistance to those in need.

Lives Unlimited, which is based in Priory Street and is expanding to become a 'Community Interest Company,' says it helps disabled people and their families in a variety of ways.

It runs occasional events about issues such as self directed support and person centred planning, and helps set up 'circle of friends', and advises and supports disabled people to make sure they are at the centre of any meeting about them, including social service reviews

For more information, go to www.livesunlimited.org.uk.