ACTION superstar turned touring blues musician Steven Seagal has visited Yorkshire for a chat with police.

Aikido master Seagal, 62, starred in movies including Under Seige, Hard To Kill and Out For Justice, but is now touring Europe with his blues band, and visited Leeds this month for a gig.

North Yorkshire Police Constable Stephen Armitage, who is based in Eggborough, met him while he was in the county, and they spoke about the force, the latest summer safety campaign.

They also discussed Seagal's standing as a Reserve Deputy Chief in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's office, and North Yorkshire's recent standing as one of the safest areas in the country.

PC Armitage said: "He seemed really impressed.

"Incidentally, a Reserve Deputy Chief is the equivalent of our own Special Constabulary - and as luck would have it, we are currently recruiting Special Constables. We can't promise you you'll get to fight mercenaries on a US Navy battleship, or battle the ruthless CEO of an oil company, but it's still a fantastic, rewarding role." Find out more at