POLICE have revealed that the driver of a car which reversed through a York supermarket window is aged 92.

They have also revealed that two people were hurt in the accident at Waitrose last Saturday - albeit with minor injuries - rather than one, as the emergency services reported at the time.

North Yorkshire Police said yesterday that a file into the accident had been submitted to the DVLA ( Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) for it to determine whether any action is required. “There is no further police action at this stage,” said a spokesman.

He said the crash at the store in Foss Islands Road, which happened at 4.35pm on Saturday, involved a Ford Fiesta driven by a 92-year-old York woman, which collided with the front window.

“As a result of the incident a women aged 49, from Stillington and a 22-year-old York woman, suffered minor injuries," he said.

“The driver of the Fiesta was taken to hospital, suffering from shock, as a precaution."

The Press reported on Monday how a young supermarket worker was pinned against a desk by the car until a shopper, Sam Richards from Dunnington, sprang into action, pushing the car back and looking after the worker until paramedics arrived.

He said that when the car came through the window, there was a loud bang, like an explosion.

His wife Jade, who hailed Sam as a hero, said their 20-month old daughter Poppy had been sitting in the trolley seat at the time, but she dreaded to think what would have happened to her had she been running around in the area.

Waitrose has thanked the emergency services for their prompt and expert response to the incident.