A CONTEST with plenty of bite took place at York Maze at the weekend.

The annual UK Sweetcorn Eating Championships saw competitors munch their way through scores of cobs.

A cash prize of £1,000 was on offer to anyone who could beat the world record of 46 ears of corn in 12 minutes, held by American Jammin’ Joe LaRue.

Unfortunately, no one even got even close to his record.

York winner James Peyton, of Sutton-on-the-Forest, managed to polish off ten cobs in 12 minutes, which earned him £100. Earlier, on the way to the final, he devoured a whole cob in 24 seconds!

Children also got the chance to eat a single corn-on-the-cob in the fastest time for prizes.

to York Maze on Saturday 9 August. Heats involving eating a single corn on the cob take place between 12pm and 4pm with the fastest single cob eaters going through to the final at 4.00pm and a shot at the 12 minute world record.