A HARROGATE drugs gang has been jailed for more than 42 years.

North Yorkshire Police's Organised Crime Unit seized £561,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and amphetamine from addresses in Harrogate - including Stonefall Cemetery.

Ringleader Joseph McIntyre was seen by police hiding methamphetamine at the cemetery in 2012, then returned three days later with his sister Philomena and brother Thomas, but officers had recovered the drugs.


York Press:

Ringleader Joseph McIntyre


Detective Inspector Mark Pearson welcomed the sentences at Teesside Crown Court yesterday, and praised the work of his officers for keeping the drugs off the street.

He said: "Every member of this gang played a significant part in the conspiracy, however Joseph McIntyre was undoubtedly the main man at the head of the operation.

"The involvement of the other members of this organised crime group cannot be underestimated either. Without their commitment to bulking out the drugs to enhance McIntyre’s profits and their willingness to use their own homes and businesses to stash the supplies the conspiracy wouldn’t have continued for as long as it did.”

-Joseph McIntyre, 37, of Fountains Avenue, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs and sentenced to 16 years’ imprisonment.

-Thomas McIntyre, 31, of Bilton Drive, acted as courier and led the operation when Joseph was away. He was sentenced to six years.

-Philomena McIntyre, 36, of Stanhope Drive, helped store and move the drugs. She was found guilty but not sentenced.

-Fay Read, 24, of Fountains Avenue, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs, and sentenced to four years.

-Martin Clayton, 50, of Forest Grange Close, was McIntyre’s chief courier, and was seen making numerous trips to Bootle, Merseyside. He was the only gang member to plead guilty and is awaiting sentence.

-Victoria Clayton, 54, of Albert Place, and her husband cut the drugs with a bulking agent in their kitchen. She was sentenced to five years.

-Julie Scruton stored drugs at her Lime Street home and her husband David’s car repair business in Chatsworth Road. She was jailed for six years.

-The jury could not reach a verdict on David Scruton’s involvement.

-Russell Baker, 35, now of Robert Street, was jailed for three years, as his fingerprints were found on a bag containing drugs at Scruton's home.

-James Kenny of Partington Avenue, Bootle, worked for a drug dealing organisation in Merseyside. He was jailed for two-and-a-half years.