THREE men took on a 260 mile bike ride this weekend in memory of a York man who died from cancer last year.

Glen Findlay, 29, from Woodthorpe died in May 2013, some three years after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Soon before he passed away his long time friend John Lohan said he was thinking of taking part in a charity bike ride and when he asked Glen what cause to raise money for, he had suggested it should be in aid of Cancer Research.

This weekend John and two friends completed a 260 mile ride from London to Normandy which has so far raised £2,500 for the cause.

John, who had been friends with Glen since they met at All Saints' School as children, said the bravery with which his friend coped with his illness was inspirational.

He remembered: "Glen called me and said he was going to the doctors because he had been having headaches, then he told me he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was only 26.

"He was a very discreet person. I tried to see him as often as I could but he would never talk about his illness, just how I was or my wife or the little one. He was very matter of fact, the way in which he coped with it was incredible."

He said Glen had appeared to respond well to treatment and returned to his production role with ITV in Leeds but had unfortunately suffered a relapse.

Yesterday John, 30, and friends Hugh Taylor, 31 and Lawrence Avery, 32, completed their Tour de France inspired 260 mile ride, which saw them cycle from London to Dover and then from Calais along a route to Pont l'eveque.

They were also cycling in honour of Lawrence's mum, Viv Avery, who died from cancer in April.

John, who is from Copmanthorpe but lives and works in London, said while on the final leg yesterday: "It's going quite well. If you are doing it for a cause like this and are aware of what a lot of people are going through, it makes what you are doing seem quite manageable."

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