UPDATED: The Press understands the road has now been reopened and the item has been removed by the Army bomb squad.

REPORTS have come in that a road in Pocklington has been closed off after a suspected unexploded bomb was found nearby.

The item was found by workmen at the Wilberforce Court building site close to Pocklington School in West Green.

Police have cordoned off West Green and The Press understands an Army bomb disposal team is on its way to the site from Catterick.

A spokeswoman from the school said: "Basically, it's an unexploded bomb, from World War Two, I think. All staff had an email and we were asked to tweet it to let parents know there might be some traffic problems when it comes to pick up time."

Andrew Green, the school's health and safety advisor, said: "It's on the site of the new surgery that's being built just off West Green.

"We don't know any great details because we're waiting for the bomb disposal team from Catterick to come down and confirm what it is. They have closed part of West Green to contain if there was any blast. At the moment, the school isn't being evacuated, everything's running fine for us."

Mr Green said contingency plans were being put together in case the cordon is extended to include the school, which is about 300 metres away from the building site, but although the school day ends at 3.45pm most children have after-school activities which keep them on site until about 5pm.

He said the West Green car parks and school entrances are still open, but advised parents to expect possible traffic delays when picking up children if the incident is not resolved.