THIS October, Julie Wainwright and her colleagues from Clifton Park Hospital will attend the Community Pride awards for the third time, but they already know they will be moved to tears by the inspirational stories they hear.

Clifton Park Hospital sponsors Community Pride's Health Service Hero category, and Julie and her colleagues go to the presentation evening in October to present the award.

Julie, the hospital's Support Services Manager, said: "The whole ceremony is just so moving. I can see why they put tissues on all the tables."

The awards include 13 categories for individuals and groups who deserve praise for their inspirational spirit and hard work to help others.

Health Service Hero honours the army of unsung heroes quietly go about their duties in the health service in York with unrivalled dedication.

The awards ceremony in October is a moving experience, Julie said as stories are told of people who give their time selflessly to help others as volunteers, or who show dedication beyond what is expected of them in their work.

Julie added: "It's amazing to hear about people who go above and beyond what they are paid for."

Working in the health sector, Julie said she sees many attributes that make health care workers stand out from the crowd.

She said: "It's about getting to know your patients and understanding that every single person is different and has different worries. The amount of time people give to doing that is amazing.

"It's also about supporting your colleagues, and I think the winners in the last two years have shown both those things."

In 2013, the award went to York Hospital chemotherapy nurse Ellie Hodge, described as a kind and thoughtful professional for whom nothing was too much trouble. The judges said: “Ellie does an extremely important job in making things much more bearable for people coping with a difficult time in their life. She is a rock to the patients she cares for and a credit to her profession.”

Nominations are now open for this year's Health Service Hero award, and patients in York have already being putting people forward.

The nursing team at the Clementhorpe Health Centre have been nominated for the second year running for their devotion to their jobs and the personalised care they give their patients.

Dentist Victoria Stacy from Lawrence Street Dental Practice has also been nominated, for her friendliness and attention, and the extra care she shows to her patients.

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