YORK Knights head coach Andrew Henderson has begun preparations for the 2024 season, despite his side not knowing what division they will be in yet.

Henderson has separate but similar plans for his recruitment should York gain promotion to the Betfred Super League, with the Knights taking on Bradford Bulls on Sunday, October 1 (6.30pm) in the play-off eliminator.

The Knights head coach has moved quickly to secure his targets for next season and to retain the squad he wants, but knows that not all players will be able to commit to full-time should York gain promotion.

“We’re almost done with our recruitment for next season, we’re not ones that are going to hang around.” Henderson told the Press.

“We got onto that pretty quickly, we retained the players we wanted to retain, have been on the market trying to recruit certain players for certain positions and to add a little bit more quality and strength in depth.

“Our squad is almost done, we’re picking up the last pieces of the puzzle and will certainly have a deeper squad next season, and a more competitive one.

“If the unthinkable happens and we get promoted to the Super League, that’s not going to change, the squad will be what it is and the majority of the squad will come up with us anyways.

“There might be one or two that can’t transition to full-time, we might lose one or two for that reason, and we’ll look for a few players that are still knocking around to add to that.

“We have a plan in place either way and we will be fine.”