YORK City Knights chairman Jon Flatman has urged fans to “vote with their feet” and back their preparations for a landmark season in 2020.

The ‘Early Bird’ offer for season tickets and memberships comes to an end tomorrow e at 5pm, with supporters able to secure a spot in the new Community Stadium at a reduced price.

For current season ticket holders, the prices have been frozen at £169 for adults and £139 for concessions with under 16’s getting in for free.

Flatman has called on fans to back the club by signing up to the offer, with direct consequences on the budget and forward planning of their recruitment, based on the number of tickets sold.

“It may sound obvious, but the amount of sales that we make from season tickets and memberships does directly affect our budget for retaining and recruiting players,” said Flatman.

“I think as a club, we’ve explained that and we’ve made it very clear to people.

“I think it’s great that people can vote with their feet and make a real powerful and positive contribution ahead of the 2020 season.”

“I’m sure our supporters will be encouraged by our recruitment and retention news and announcements on that will be incoming.”

“The Early Bird season tickets and memberships obviously come at a cheaper price.

“The sooner you purchase your season ticket, the sooner you will be able to pick your seat in the new stadium. It’s also the best price that you will be able to get.

“If you’re going to make the commitment early, make it now. That ensures that you put the club in the best possible place in, enabling us to be able to recruit the best possible players for the right money.

“The fan benefits too in their own pocket. The product they will witness as a result will be better as a result.

“There’s a whole host of reasons for supporters to get on board with our Early Bird season tickets and memberships.”

The Knights chairman described sales of the tickets as “ extremely encouraging” and thanked the fans for their support.

“We’re extremely thankful and grateful for the support that we get.

“We’ve got a committed squad of players here at York and a team that the paying spectators, both currently and in the future, can be very proud of.

“Sales are extremely encouraging for our Early Bird season tickets and memberships. It’s great that so many of our supporters have made the commitment to support the team next season already and are taking advantage of the club’s offer.

“All the support that we do get contributes an enormous amount to the cause at the York City Knights.”

Flatman was also keen to stress that the club are working on increasing the match day experience at matches, highlighting the recent match against Bradford as a success of this.

“The quality of the atmosphere has been great. The players really want to play for York because of it and the fans are giving great support to the lads on the field.

“As a club, we think a lot about the whole experience of the match-day. It’s about every single engagement point, whether it’s on the phone, in the forums or at the ground.

“We always try and make the environment of the match-day first class and as good as it can be.

“The matchday against Bradford a couple of weeks ago. The crowd figure was fantastic and the atmosphere was genuinely electric. It was a very family-friendly atmosphere too, which was good to see.

“It was up there as well in terms of the quality as a sporting event on the field, with a fantastic game between two great set of players.

“It’s absolutely about making the match into an event. Let’s make no bones about it, the performance of the team and the quality of the matches is absolutely vital.

“It’s key to driving season ticket sales and increasing our attendances.

“But, with that said, making the match an event is also important. There’s still lots of things that we can improve upon off the field to go alongside the great atmosphere that our supporters produce.”