YORK City Knights winger Perry Whiteley has been banned for two matches after being found guilty of a dangerous contact in last week's Betfred Championship opener against Toronto - although he is free to play against Dewsbury Rams this Sunday.

The disciplinary panel found that Whiteley, in effecting a tackle, forcefully "bent or applied pressure to the head and/or neck and/or spinal column of the tackled player so as to keep the tackled player at a disadvantage in or after the tackle".

The ban kicks in next week meaning he can play this Sunday but will miss the games against Barrow Raiders and Bradford Bulls.

The alleged grade 'C' offence - against Wolfpack's Kiwi international centre Chase Stanley in the 62nd minute of the match - had been put on report by the referee.

Knights boss James accepted the decision but insisted the foul was unintentional.

“I understand where they’re coming from," he said.

“We both thought it was not intentional, but after seeing the Toronto player’s neck is in a difficult position, Perry probably needs to make space and loosen his grip a little. Defenders do have a responsibility, so I can see why he’s been given a ban.

“He’s tried to turn Chase Stanley over onto his back but Chase is a pretty strong bloke as you would expect of a New Zealand international. He couldn’t quite get him over and his neck had got under his arm.

“If that (suspensions for such fouls) is going to be the standard throughout the season then fair enough.”

Barrow half-back Jamie Dallimore has likewise been given a two-match ban for a grade 'B' dangerous contact in the Raiders' opener against Batley and will miss next weekend's game against York.